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Gift Ideas

A Cedar Summit gift box makes a delicious present! Choose from a wide variety of sausages, cheeses, chocolates and almonds, tastefully boxed and ready for gift giving. Our gift boxes are available for $35.00. Shipping is available for an additional charge.


Cedar Summit Farm has built a milk processing plant as a natural extension of our business. We feel that our grass fed cows produce a superior product that has much value to the health conscious. Our Mission is to providee fresh, wholesome products to you from your neighborhood farm.


Cedar Summit beef steers are born and raised outside on the lush grasses of Cedar Summit Farm. Lean Genetics, a healthy diet, and freedom to roam outside make Cedar Summit beef the first choice for increased flavor and lower fat. Naturally grown, Cedar Summit steers are a dependable source of protein for today’s value-conscious families.


At Cedar Summit Farm, chickens are raised without the use of: artificial hormones, growth or appetite stimulants, medications of any kind (including antibiotics) or animal by-products and fed on a ration of: corn, soybeans, oats, and minerals.


Taste pork as it was meant to be, rich and succulent. Raised outside in small groups, under constant supervision and care, these animals enjoy a low stress enviroment that contributes to their distinctive taste. Milk, windfall apples, pumpkins and plenty of greens are added to a healthy diet. Cedar Summit pork is antibiotic and hormone free.