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We don’t raise poultry at Cedar Summit Farm, but we are proud to be an outlet for chicken from Callister Farm and turkey from Ferndale Farm.

Chicken from Callister Farm

The farm of Alan and Lori Callister, and their daughters Molly and Gail, is located 2.5 miles North of West Concord, MN. West Concord is about 52 miles straight South of downtown St. Paul. Alan is the fifth generation of his family to live and work on the farm. They raise meat chickens, lay hens, turkeys, and beef cattle. Their animals are raised without the use of artificial hormones, growth or appetite stimulants, medications of any kind (including antibiotics) and animal by-products. They grind and mix all the feed for all of their animals. The poultry is fed a ration of corn, soybeans, oats, and minerals. During favorable weather (about May 20th-mid October) the chickens are allowed to run outdoors in the grass. During the cold season, they keep them warm, dry, and comfortable inside a roomy barn where they are free to roam and exercise.

The meat birds are a “cornish – cross.” They are processed at 10 weeks and the birds are usually about 4.5 lbs. at that time.

All of Callisters poultry is processed on the farm by their family and a few hired helpers. Their processing plant is a “MN. equal to” facility, which means “equals to” USDA processing guidelines. This allows them to sell to stores and restaurants within Minnesota. They process only their own poultry and do not accept chickens or turkeys from other farms, so they minimize the risk of spreading possible diseases to their flocks. Callisters are able to comfortably process 150 chickens in one day. That means the inspector is looking at one chicken every 10-15 seconds as opposed to USDA industry standards of 32 birds per minute. They take great pride in the cleanliness and appearance of their products.

Callisters also make their own sausages using turkey or chicken meat. The meat is trimmed off the bones by hand, ground and measured into 10-20 lbs. then mixed by hand. Lori has created her own seasoning combinations, and never uses pre-mixes as most of them contain preservatives. None of her sausages contain MSG, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite, acsorbic acid, etc. Her sausages are all fresh and not smoked. Lori has chosen to use collagen casing as opposed to natural hog casing for her linked sausages. Many people who want chicken or turkey products do not eat pork. I think that you will find the casing very acceptable as they are quite tender and do not add any flavor to the sausages. Sausage will be available on a limited basis.

We think you’ll find the Callister’s chicken products to be flavorful and juicy. This is the result of how the birds live, what they are fed, and how they are processed. We have complete confidence in them.

We will be selling whole, halves, breasts and other cuts as well as their sausages. The chicken will all be frozen as we cannot have fresh chicken in the creamery store.

Lori says “We have always had a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with our product we will cheerfully refund your money or replace the product. Just return the label and let us know what the problem is.”

“Our family thanks all of you for purchasing our products. You are helping to support small family farmers and the production of healthy animal products and a cleaner environment. We also want to thank the Minar family for working so hard to promote healthy food and healthy food systems. By working together and supporting one another we help to create a better society.”

We offer the following Callister Farm products:
Whole chicken
Cut whole chicken (10 pieces)
Boneless, skinless chicken breast
Bone-in chicken breast
Legs & thighs
Legs (drumsticks)
Wings (1st and 2nd joints – no tips)
Adobo style marinated wings
Chicken bones
Ground dark and white meat chicken
Bulk sausage links (Italian, Polish, herb, brats. Seasonal-cranberry, apple maple)


Turkey from Ferndale Market

Nearly seventy years ago, Dale Peterson settled in Cannon Falls, MN, to do what he knew best: raise turkeys. In the early years, he shared a residence with incubators, and the sound of day-old turkeys routinely filled his home. Dale’s wife, Fern, had grown up raising turkeys, and although she thought she had left them forever when she left home and became a school teacher, her plans changed when she met Dale! Fern was an avid advocate for the environment, and believed that everybody had a role to play in preserving our earth. The legacy of Fern and Dale guides our mission, so it’s only fitting that the market is named in their honor…

Dale always believed that raising quality turkeys was the best contribution he could make to the world, and his formula for success was simple: he worked hard, treated customers as family, and cared deeply for both the land and his turkeys.

This tradition has continued for three generations. Although the days of literally sharing a home with turkeys are in the past, they are still committed to raising turkeys naturally: free range during the warmer months and hormone-free all the time.

We offer the following Ferndale Market products:
Whole turkey
Turkey Breasts
Ground Turkey
Chicken and Turkey are available at Cedar Summit Creamery Store

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